You Matter

Listen, I deeply understand what it feels like to not matter. I spent the first 7 years of my life being abandoned by my parents, then raised by grandparents (a grandmother that resented me very much) then after she died unexpectedly, I was passed around to a great aunt, great grandmother until finally my aunt adopted me and I thank God for that. Those first 7 years though, I felt like I didn’t matter, that no one was protecting or loving me. I was stressed and scared and fighting for my right to be here – that’s also how I spent the next 30 years if I’m being really honest with myself. I share this with you because I now know that I matter, regardless of how I was treated as a child or in my marriage or other ways that I would judge my worth: professionally, monetarily. With all due respect, none of that sh*t matters. You don’t have to prove to anyone that you matter, and truthfully, if someone is making you feel as though you do, that’s not a person you need in your life. You matter. How you show up in the world matters. How you love yourself and love others, matters. You are a very important piece of this human puzzle and it’s your purpose to find your purpose and share your gifts. You matter. i-matter

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